Profitable Signs for a Good MLS Long Island Real Estate Property

When you are thinking of investing in a real estate property, it is imperative that you look for ones that have great potential for profit. That way, it will be easier for the investor to break even with the initial investment put into the purchase of the said property – well, not only break even, as getting more profit out of an already profitable real estate property can be achieved as well.

In buying a real estate property through MLS Long Island, it would be a good idea to consider several qualifications. These are the signs that should give you an idea on whether or not the property can earn you a good profit.

Here are some of the signs that can be used in deciding whether or not you should invest in a certain real estate property.

Property taxes

Every real estate property has a corresponding property tax. The said tax is not standard across the board. It can vary depending on the value of the land as well as the state where that land is located. Since you want to earn from this property in the form of rent, you better consider the property tax above all else.


Real EstateThe neighborhood’s quality influences the type of tenants you can attract. It will also affect how often you will have to worry about vacancies.


If the real estate property you’ve seen through MLS Long Island is a hotspot of criminal activities, then you will definitely face a lot of problems starting from the pooling of potential tenants up until vacancy. Get an accurate crime statistics for the location through the police station or the public library before you make your purchase.


Most of rental properties seen on MLS Long Island target families. Families have children that need to go to school. Thus, it might be a good idea to choose a real estate property that is close to a decent school. This can greatly affect the reputation of the rental property that you plan to invest on.

Building permits and future developments

You can get these information via the municipal planning department. Through them, you will know what future visions they have of the place. What they plan for the future regarding the place can greatly affect your vacancy rates, value, and such.


Amenities such as public transport hubs, movie theaters, gyms, hospitals, and such can really give more value to the rental property. You can use these perks as part of advertising the rental property for potential tenants.

Employment opportunities

The job market in the area is another factor to consider when choosing which real estate property in MLS Long Island to invest on. The more employment opportunities in the area, the more tenants you can get. If you are interested in knowing the rate for employment in a particular area, you can visit the local library or go directly to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Natural disasters

PropertyWhen getting a real estate property, you will be required to get insurance for it. This is another expense to subtract from your returns. Extra insurance can really eat up into your returns when you choose to purchase a rental property in areas prone to flooding or earthquakes.


For the rental property, the rental income will have to be calculated according to the average rent in the neighborhood. The rent has to cover the mortgage payments, property taxes, and other expenses though.

With these signs, you can easily determine which property to invest on. It might be a bit of a hassle to get these information but it is worth it in the end. You can earn more profit if you keep these signs in mind, after all.

De-clutter your Home and your Life with some Help from a Portable Storage Container

Have you been living all his time with lots of clutter in your home? Did you even try to get rid of the clutter and seek some aid from a portable storage container? A house full of clutter is something that no one wants to see. If you have noticed some awkwardness in your relationship (friends, family, and/or significant other), most probably it’s because of your untidy and unorganized home.

Someone who sees your cluttered home might think that you are someone who has no ability to put things in order. He or she might even suspect you of having the same personality and state of mind. If you find yourself feeling tired and restless, not lively, and always lazy then it is time to take action and put things (and your life) back in order.

The Container and You

For your de-cluttering project, you don’t need to buy the whole container. There are companies where you can rent a container. You need to take out all of your stuff to make the de-cluttering effective. You can put your things in the portable storage container and sort them. You need to throw away the things that are not needed or considered less important. If you keep on treasuring the junk, then it will never end. Even if you have a brand new four-stores house you still won’t be able to maintain an orderly place if you still have all the trash in your house.

Unfortunately, there are people who can’t part ways with their mementos or memorabilia even if they knew well that those are nothing but trash. A more alarming behavior is that of a compulsive hoarder or collector. Someone suffering from such behavior might have experienced trauma during childhood or early adolescent years.

The said collectors pick up things and keep them. The things can be flyers, button, boxes, and anything that they see as important or of value in the coming years. Compulsive hoarders need to seek some help from a professional and usually need to undergo a series of therapy.

If you don’t have any issues regarding your clutter, then it’s time to get serious and use the portable storage container to help you. Clear the clutter in your home and take your life back on track.

Sort Everything

Portable Storage ContainerWhen sorting your things, you only need two groups – the important and not important (including a bit important). The important documents are the things that you will need when legal battle occurs, and the rest are not important anymore. If you must, then choose to keep only the things that you really treasure. If you are hesitant whether to throw something or not, then throw it. You won’t be hesitating if it is something really important.

Keep in mind that your goal is to reduce the clutter and not feel sorry for the memory that comes with the memento. At any rate, you will be able to retain the memory even if the memento has gone. In the long run (especially when your memory begins to fail), you will soon forget about it and still continue to live.

If it is inevitable, you can choose to have the container as your treasure chest and throw the things that you can’t part with in it. That way, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your home.

After de-cluttering your home, you will be able to feel light and livelier. You will notice that the damages in your relationships are beginning to heal. You will feel a surge of energy flowing within you. Your body will feel light and more energetic.

When that happens, your portable storage container is not only a valuable aid in de-cluttering your home. It is also a life saver.

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Elegant Keepsakes with Custom Coins  

Tokens of appreciation and medals given for honor and achievement are the usual purposes served by custom coins. When it comes to giving keepsakes for weddings, birthdays or any occasions, coins are usually overlooked. Coins that are uniquely designed to give as keepsakes will make your event more special and memorable. Here are some of the occasions that can be immortalized through custom coins.

Challenge coin

Common keepsakes or favors for weddings are bags with some sweets inside, candles, matchboxes, and shot glasses to name a few. These are cute things to give away as wedding favors but you would surely want this event to be remembered for a long time with an extra special favor for your friends and family. Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and custom coins will make it more awesome. It can be useful for the recipient in the shape of a key chain or a lapel pin. Print a 3D image of you and your spouse or have your favorite poem or quote engraved on the coin signed with your names. Include the date and location of the event as well.


Imagine the face of your baby immortalized on a coin. That is a great way to make the event much more memorable. A personalized coin is also a great idea as a gift for the child and his or her parents. It is something that is worth keeping.

Family Reunions

While a group picture in your physical or online album will surely make a family reunion memorable, giving out coins as keepsakes will make it more of an interesting and special event. Make the shape and color of your custom coins different each year so that relatives will always look forward to attending the occasion. You can also engrave the name of a family member on each coin to make it more personal.

Easter Egg Hunting

Make children more excited in looking for those hidden eggs by having them look for those with a coin inside. The more eggs with coins they find, the higher the prize. It will surely be more fun hunting for more than just candies or any sweet goodies inside the eggs. Children will feel more adventurous in hunting with that twist in the game. If you are hosting the egg hunt, you may also want to give customized coins to all participants as tokens of appreciation for making the event a success.


This can be made more fun with coins as keepsakes. You can also have a specially made coin that will serve as a small medallion for winning a party game that you planned for the event. You can engrave the date and time and even the location on the flip side of the coin.


The silver or golden anniversary is a milestone in a couples’ life. If you are the one celebrating this event, coins are best favor you can give to mark this very special event. If you are attending one, a coin with your personal message engraved on it will be very much appreciated.

Custom coins can come in any shape that you want. You can stick with the usual rounded shape or let your imagination run wild to create odd-shaped coins that will be unique for your special occasion. You can choose from a variety of base metals that will be used as well as the colors or finishing that you want. Turn coins into bracelets for female attendees and pins or key chains for male attendees. Create the custom look and feel that you want for your coin. It’s your party and you can customize your coin any way you want.

At Challenge Coins 4 Less, we have made it easy, fast and fun to order custom coins!